Agent 2.0 Setup

NOTE: Microsoft Agent was discontinued several years ago (2009), so I cannot guarantee it will work properly on your computer. This website is left intact mostly for die-hard fans.  If it does not work properly on your computer, simply uninstall the applications from your Windows Control Panel.

MASH - Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper

Microsoft Agent is a free desktop/web technology for Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista featuring animated characters that support text-to-speech (TTS) in 11 different languages.

Microsoft Agent is not an application that you can just run (like Word or Excel) and expect to have characters automatically do things for you.   Applications and Websites must be specifically programmed to utilize Microsoft Agent (like MASH and DeskBot) and provide these capabilities for you.  Many of these can be found around our ring.

System requirements

Microsoft Agent Hotfix for Windows 7 (395039_intl_i386_zip.exe, 395040_intl_x64_zip.exe)


Download Install Microsoft Agent Core Components
version 2.0 (395K)

WINDOWS XP/2000/Me Users may skip this step.  The Microsoft Agent Core Components are already installed on Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Me.

Download the above MSAgent.exe setup program and run it to install the core components.  You may then delete the setup program.

Download Install the Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice,
Text-to-Speech Engine (English version)  (1MB).

The Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice Text-to-Speech (TTS) Engine provides speech output capabilities for Microsoft Agent so you can hear what the characters are saying through your sound speakers.

Download the above tv_enua.exe setup program and run it to install the TTS Engine.  You may then delete the setup program.

If you've already installed this, you should see
Lernout & Hauspie TruVoice American English TTS Engine
in the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs list.

Additional Lernout & Hauspie TTS3000 Engines may be downloaded from the table below.  You need to download and install both the TTS Engine and the Language Add-On for the desired Language.

For example, to install French Text-to-Speech, download and install both lhttsfrf.exe and agtx040C.exe


TTS Engine
(2-3 MB)

Language Add-On
(128 KB)
American English tv_enua.exe already installed
British English lhttseng.exe already installed
Dutch lhttsdun.exe agtx0413.exe
French lhttsfrf.exe agtx040C.exe
German lhttsged.exe agtx0407.exe
Italian lhttsiti.exe agtx0410.exe
Japanese lhttsjpj.exe agtx0411.exe
Korean lhttskok.exe agtx0412.exe
Portuguese (Brazilian) lhttsptb.exe agtx0416.exe
Russian lhttsrur.exe agtx0419.exe
Spanish lhttsspe.exe agtx0C0A.exe

Additional Microsoft TTS Engines (English)

Mary - Female Voice (English) 2.3MB

Mike - Male Voice (English) 2.4MB

Sam - Male Voice (English) 2.1MB

Microsoft Agent can utilize TTS Engines from many other speech vendors, including versions of ATT Natural Voices, Digalo, Elan Speech, IBM ViaVoice, and more.  The only requirement is that the TTS Engine is SAPI 4.0 compatible.  SAPI 5.0 is not currently supported.

Download Install the Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine,
version 4.0 (6MB)

This step is optional.  You can download this later.

The Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine provides speech input capabilities for Microsoft Agent. This allows you to speak to characters through a microphone.  However, Microsoft Agent must be specifically programmed to understand and interact with what you are saying.  Microsoft Agent does not support dictation.

Download the above actcnc.exe setup program and run it to install the TTS Engine.  You may then delete the setup program.

If you've already installed this, you will see
Microsoft Agent Speech Recognition Engine 4.0 (English)
in the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs list.

Download Install the Microsoft Speech Control Panel

This step is optional.  You can download this later.

The Speech Control Panel will add an icon to your Control Panel to enable you to list the compatible speech recognition and text-to-speech engines installed on your system and customize their settings for your use.

Download Download some Microsoft Agent Characters

There are many Agent characters available and many more are being created.  Now that you have Microsoft Agent installed on your computer, you only have to download additional Characters (files with .ACS extensions) as they become available and save them to your
C:\WINDOWS\MSAGENT\CHARS or C:\WINNT\MSAGENT\CHARS folder, depending on your operating system.

Have Fun!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Microsoft Agent...

Microsoft Agent Setup Instructions and Microsoft Agent Detector script written by Gordon Scott Bell.
The Microsoft Agent Ring is sponsored by MASH - Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper.

Additional information and documentation can be found on the Microsoft Agent Home Page (Discontinued).